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Watch Clips From 'Archer' With Anthony Bourdain as the Bastard Chef

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On last night's episode of Archer — titled "Live and Let Dine" — Anthony Bourdain voiced Lance Casteau aka "The Bastard Chef." A reality TV show crew is on hand to shoot the goings-on at the Casteau's NYC restaurant 16 — the show is simply called Bastard Chef. And because there are security threats against Albanian diplomats coming in for dinner, Sterling Archer's spy group, International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), gets called in and goes undercover, replacing the restaurant's staff. Bourdain gets great lines like, "And you, time to lean, time to get your distracting tits off my line." Below a few clips:

1. The intro with Bourdain, slippery kitchen bowls, and Casteau calling ISIS the "Shithead Squadron." Also there's a job called "Garçon de cuisine."
2. Even though the restaurant is booked solid for the next ten months, it lets people call for reservations, only to reject every single person: "That's not even the real phone number for reservations... The real number's a secret, closely guarded by people I deem... acceptable."
3. A fake intro to the Bastard Chef reality show that riffs on things like Top Chef and Kitchen Nightmares.
4. The Bastard Chef shares his human resources strategy with chef-in-training Archer: ABBAB, or "Always Be Berating and Belittling." Archer lets being a chef get to his head: "He's a master chef, Lana, which turns out is not nearly as gay a job as I thought it was. I mean, it's no secret agent, but it's way above architect."

Video: Bourdain on Archer: Slippery Bowls

Video: Bourdain on Archer: No Reservations

Video: Bourdain on Archer: Bastard Chef Intro

Video: Bourdain on Archer: No Reservations

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