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Roy Choi Teams Up With Spam, a 'Delicious Mainstay'

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Screengrab: Facebook/Spam

Los Angeles chef and so-called "godfather of the food truck movement" Roy Choi has partnered with canned meat purveyor Spam on its new "Break the Monotony" digital marketing campaign that rolls out today. Choi has created a bunch of recipes that a press release says are designed to "inspire creativity among consumers and provide new ways to cook with the new spicy flavors of SPAM® Jalapeno and Black Pepper." He'll also apparently be "active in the digital space" alongside the company's "spokescharacter" Sir Can-A-Lot.

In the new campaign, Sir Can-A-Lot "will seek out and respond to Internet users suffering from routine meals and boring tweets." Considering it's the first day of the campaign, not too much has happened on this front yet from either Choi or Sir Can-A-Lot. However, the chef explains in the release that Spam is one of his favorite ingredients, and that this project has given him an opportunity to "intimately connect" with his Korean heritage. Spam, he says, "echoes my passion for connecting the world together in celebrating how many families survived and prospered, seeing the can as a sense of hope and as a delicious mainstay."

The LA Times points out that Choi has Spam on the menu at his restaurant Chego, and asks whether Choi really loves Spam this much or is this an example of jumping the shark. Choi later replied on Twitter, "No shark jumping here. Just speaking for my community. Thx." He has apparently created six recipes for the two new Spam flavors and he has his own section now on Spam's Facebook page.

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