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Watch as the Daily Show Investigates Canada's Sinister Maple Syrup Cartel

Late last year, Canada was roiled by a heist involving $20 million worth of maple syrup — or about 10,000 barrels that were eventually recovered. Claiming that "syrup-related crime is exploding across Canada," The Daily Show's Jason Jones went to Quebec to investigate how the heist could have happened. He also takes a look at the "cartel" that controls about three-quarters of Canada's $400 million maple syrup industry: the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.

In his search for the "missing sticky," Jones visits "underground syrup houses" such as Montreal diner Le Gros Jambon where waffle-eating Canadians tried to push their addictive maple syrup on the humble fake-reporter. Unfortunately for Jones, "staying clean in Canada isn't easy with pushers everywhere" and he eventually succumbs to the lure of the sticky. What ensues is some serious syrup chugging, line-snorting, and running through the streets in a bathrobe. Just say no, kids.

Video: The Canadian Maple Syrup Syndicate

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