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Talia Baiocchi's Sherry Book Coming in 2014

Photo: taliabaiocchi / Instagram

Former Eater wine editor Talia Baiocchi has signed a deal to write a book on sherry for Ten Speed Press called, appropriately enough, Sherry. Baiocchi tells Eater the book will be part travelogue/part reference book with some recipes as well. Why sherry? According to Baiocchi, sherry is having a major comeback right now, and not just with the wine crowd: more and more, sherry is being used as a component of cocktails as well.

The book will have 40-50 recipes for cocktails that use sherry, both from the heyday of its popularity in the late nineteenth century and some modern uses from top bartenders. It will also have recipes for food to eat with sherry, including traditional Andalusian tapas as well as some modern dishes from restaurants "doing unconventional pairings." Expect photography of Spain and an "easy approach. Not winey or technical, but written for the consumer." Sherry will be published in the Fall of 2014.

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