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Here's the Cover For Lucky Peach Issue 6: The Apocalypse

lucky-peach-apocalypse-cover-1000.jpgHere now, the cover of the next issue of David Chang and McSweeney's cultish quarterly journal collaboration Lucky Peach, which is finally on its way to mailboxes and bookstores everywhere. The theme for this sixth issue will be The Apocalypse — and, as the cover lines indicate, things that come before and after the apocalypse. Here's what else there is to look forward to:

· Anthony Bourdain's collaboration with Tim Lane on a comic that lays out his "visions of the future."
· An interview with Michael Pollan, who is evidently going to "light the way forward."
· A piece in which Magnus Nilsson roasts chicken in the year 2034?
· Something about fermentation with Wild Fermentation writer and self-described "fermentation fetishist" Sandor Katz.
· Writer John Jeremiah Sullivan "on salvation through preservation."
· Plus, there will be material on cooking for zombies, werebeavers, nuclear brews, "and all manner of strangeness and grossness you expect from us taken to apocalyptic extremes."
· And look out for pieces from Eater's Gabe Ulla (on Mexico) and Amanda Kludt (an interview with her mom, an epidemiologist, about foodborne outbreaks).

Lucky Peach also has its own Tumblr that the team writes it will to try to update regularly. There's a post on there from yesterday with an alternate cover design for the Chinatown issue. It involves neon and dragons.

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