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Mais Oui, La Salsa De Guy Fieri Est 'De La Vieille Ecole'

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Photo: Stephanie Bourgeois

The wine-making and kale-loving chef Guy Fieri dabbles in terrifying supermarket products like pepperoni pizza eggrolls and frozen s'mores pizza. And here's a photo from a Canadian grocery store of a jar of Guy Fieri-branded salsa. Pre-packaged products in Canada are required to have both French and English, and so "Old Skool" gets literally translated into "De La Vieille Ecole." A few observations:

1. The French don't really say "de la vieille école" in the way Americans say "old school." Asks Stephanie Bourgeois, "Did Guy Fieri just use Google translate for his salsa?" Probably, yes.
2. Guy Fieri is apparently too cool to use the accent aigu in "école," so he drops it all together and just spells it "ecole."
3. And if it has to be spelled "Old Skool," why not spell the Frenchified version "De La Vieille Ekole"?

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