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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Contestant Rumormongering: David Burke, Jennifer Jasinski, Tory Miller? [UPDATE]

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Jennifer Jasinski, David Burke.
Jennifer Jasinski, David Burke.
Photo: Jennifer, Bravo

Is Top Chef Masters season five shooting in LA right this very second? Yes, says an Eater spy from inside the Bravo terrordome. The source, who attended a filming for the show at Los Angeles nightclub The Mayan, says the episode he witnessed was likely towards the end of the season and only five chefs were left. These included New York chef David Burke and Denver chef Jennifer Jasinski. Burke was a contestant on the second season of TCM, but Bravo has been known to bring back old contestants in the past. Also at the event: a chef with a "spiky mohawk" who may or may not have been wearing glasses, and "two other men."

Eater's source says the event was attended by about 300 people and that there were servers in luchadores masks running around. He also spotted host Curtis Stone and judge Gail Simmons. Have you seen Top Chef Masters filming around LA, or attended an event? Eater would love to hear from you.

tory-miller.jpgUPDATE: Madison, Wisconsin food writer Kyle Nabilcy took a look at the above intel and pondered via Twitter, "'a chef with a "spiky mohawk" who may or may not have been wearing glasses'? Anyone seen Tory Miller?" Well, have you? Miller is the Beard Award winning chef/owner of Madison's L'Etoile and Graze Restaurants, and is certainly a possible contestant. Developing.

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Tory Miller. [Photo: L'Etoile / Facebook]

The Mayan

1038 South Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90015