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Australian McDonald's to Offer Table Service, Silverware

Photo: McDonald's

McDonald's franchises in Australia have gone rogue. First of all, McDonald's corporate let a bunch of them change their signs to read Macca's, which is Australian for McDonald's. And now one location of the fast food restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Warilla is going to offer table service, with a server and metal flatware and "crockery" and everything. According to Good Food, franchisees Glenn and Katia Dwarte decided to try out table service for the public after serving their relatives on plates when they came in each week.

They officially got permission to do a test run of the service from corporate, and so anyone who orders a "Grand Angus, Big Mac or Chicken Deluxe meal to eat in on a Monday or Tuesday night between 5pm and 8pm" will have the option for table service. The offer is good for the next month, after which the Dwartes will determine whether it will continue.

This is not the first time the Dwartes have innovated McDonald's service: they also apparently offer an app that allows customers to not only order their food but also pay for it before they even show up to the restaurant. According to Mrs. Dwarte, corporate McDonald's staff come from around the world to see how the app ordering service works and "They are quite keen to see if this will take off."

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