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GrubTonight App Saves Lonely Diners From Solitude

Photo: GrubTonight / iTunes

Joining a table of total strangers is clearly the ideal solution to not having dining companions, and now there's an app that lets you share a dining experience with four to eight people you've never met. That app, GrubTonight, sends your phone a daily update on prix-fixe dinners (~$20) during which you can join a table of people that don't know each other. Says the pitch on their website, "If you think tonight is the night you meet your new best friend, a romantic paramour, or business partner, then buy your seat at the dinner table."

Reuters reports that "GrubTonight is available in Los Angeles but the company's other app, Grubwithus, is worldwide and enables users to attend group dinners that are planned several days in advance and revolve around themes." GrubTonight plans to expand into New York, San Francisco, and Boston.

Just think, now you won't have to bring your iPad to dinner or have to put your iPhone in your ramen to distract you from your desolate existence. And finally, this stranger pairing dinner business isn't just for the ladies anymore.

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