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Restaurant Gives Discount For Well-Behaved Kids

Photo: farthoven/Reddit

Here's a nice switch-up from the usual racist or casually offensive restaurant receipt: An Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, offered a family a $4 discount for their "well behaved kids." Reddit user "farthoven" posted the above receipt, noting "If only all restaurants did this for people with kids" and later explaining that it all went down at a restaurant named Sogno Di Vino. A woman named Laura King later jumped into the comments, writing that it was her family and linking to a blog post in which she recounts the tale.

As King writes, her family apparently has been to Sogno Di Vino "a handful of times over the past couple years." But they were surprised at the end of the meal when the server came over to tell them that many members of the staff didn't even notice the kids since they were so well-behaved. So the server brought them a bowl of ice cream to share and the check with a discount.

King adds that she used to work front of the house and knows kids can be handful, so she has taught her kids restaurant etiquette. Perhaps in response to the many Redditors who complained that people shouldn't be getting discounts for behaving like you're supposed to behave, King writes, "We don't expect handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food. But it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light." She also clarifies on Reddit that her kids are 2, 3, and 8 years old and noted that the discount is "probably not something they do regularly" at Sogno Di Vino.

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Sogno Di Vino

18830 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA