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Is Anthony Bourdain This Generation's Julia Child?

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Photoshop: Raphael Brion/Eater

The Tampa Tribune food writer Jeff Houck boldly makes the call that television personality Anthony Bourdain is "our generation's foul-mouthed Julia Child." Houck's reasoning — which apparently came to him in an "epiphany" — is that because they're both tall and do groundbreaking food television, they are the same. Quote: "A tall cook and author with a wry sense of humor who makes pioneering television shows and takes food seriously but scoffs at those who want to add too much puffery." Noting that Julia Child was a "culinary leader and a cultural icon," Bourdain is "taking the baton and running in new and exciting directions." Which includes being a judge on the pioneering television show Taste, the much-maligned series that's floundering in the ratings.

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