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McDonald's Korea Kicks Out Kids For Ordering $250 Worth of French Fries

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Photo: ya7oby/Tumblr

Because ordering obscene amounts of french fries at McDonald's and sharing them among friends is apparently a thing kids are doing in Japan and Korea these days, a group of kids recently got kicked out of a McDonald's in Korea for ordering $250 worth of fries. According to RocketNews24, McDonald's has recently unleashed a promotion in Japan and Korea offering a large-size order of fries on the cheap, which naturally means that teenagers going in and order as many as possible.

This particular group supposedly dropped 270,000 won ($250) on McDonald's fries, spreading them out across a large table on their trays. This, of course, caused a lot of delays at the restaurant and a whole lot of anger until "a McDonald's worker decided he had had enough of these shenanigans and told the kids, 'Stop causing trouble, you brats! Get out of here!'" But no, these french fry hounding teens are not been treated as the heroes they are. As it so happens, the Internet has apparently sided with the Man on this one, which some commenters writing that the kids should be reported to McDonald's headquarters and others writing, "I'd cry if this happened in my local store."

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