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Pizza Hut Worker Busted Looking at Nude Photos at Work

An employee at a Richmond, Virginia Pizza Hut was spotted looking at pictures of naked women on his laptop while on break inside the restaurant. When several customers complained, the managers apparently blew them off. But not to worry, local outlet NBC 12 is On Your Side, demanding answers. In an investigative news segment, two of the diners share their harrowing accounts of the incident, while a reporter stops at the scene to ask the shift manager whether it was inappropriate for the employee to prep food after being seen looking at nude photos. "I mean," she replies, "I do not feel like it affects his job performance." There's also a legal analyst in there who confirms that there was nothing illegal about the employees' activities. See the scandalized news segment below:

Video: "Customers Call 12 After Catching Pizza Hut Worker"

· Customers Call 12 After Catching Pizza Hut Worker [NBC12 via Consumerist]
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