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Steak 'n Shake Rolls Out Insane Seven-Patty Steakburger

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Midwestern fast food chain Steak 'n Shake is hitting the novelty sandwich game in a big way with the introduction of its 7x7 Steakburger, a gut-buster that features seven Steakburger patties stacked between slices of American cheese. As Burger Business reports, the burger comes in at 1,330 calories and "packs 98 grams of fat, 290 mg of cholesterol, 34 grams of carbohydrates and 4,490 mg of sodium." Yowza.

The burger is all part of Steak 'n Shake's new AllNighter late-night menu that's available at participating locations from midnight to 6 a.m. and stuffed with all your typical drunk food like nacho fries, breakfast tacos, and chicken fingers. While enormous stacks of burgers are nothing new, Burger Business notes that "major burger chains generally have avoided promoting more than triple-decker burgers." So is this a game-changer? Who knows, but go for it, drunk America.

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