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Gordon Ramsay Has Officially Turned Over the Spotted Pig UK Trademark

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The Spotted Pig
The Spotted Pig
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Rejoice: The nightmare that was SpottedPigGate has officially come to a close three months after Gordon Ramsay applied for UK trademark rights to the New York restaurant's name. While the Ramsay team said a couple weeks ago that they were liaising with The Spotted Pig to transfer the trademark, the UK Intellectual Property Office sends official notification that The Spotted Pig trademark is now safely under the name and New York City address of Biergarten, LLC.

Though Friedman's name is not on the record, The Spotted Pig's website is registered to the same LLC and address, according to GoDaddy records. This is, of course, all consistent with Ramsay's months-long claims that he was planning to turn over the trademark to Friedman and April Bloomfield once this shit began hitting the fan. Great work, everyone.

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