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Watch Portlandia Skewer Communal Dining

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"Maybe I should have warned you, it's a communal table," says Carrie Brownstein in the latest episode of Portlandia. "I think you'll like it, it's so Portland." Out on a date at 5th Quadrant with Alexandria (played by Chloë Sevigny), Carrie explains how communal dining works: "Everything kind of comes out in this order, you get to see what everybody else is eating, it's like you can kind of hear their conversations but at the same time there are sort of tacit rules, so like, no one bugs you, but it feels very vibrant." Alexandria is undeterred by the intrusive and talkative dining neighbors, and still tries to break up with Carrie. It doesn't go well:

Video: Portlandia on Communal Dining

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5th Quadrant

3901 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97212

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