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Bikini Baristas Arrested in Washington State For Stripping

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Here's sort of a twisty story out of the Pacific Northwest: Police in Everett, WA, say they have arrested three baristas from a local coffee stand for indecently exposing themselves to customers, according to Q13 Fox. The three women — one of whom is actually a 16-year-old girl — all work at two separate Grab-N-Go coffee locations, which appears to be a coffee shop whose gimmick is that all the baristas wear bikinis in sort of an homage to Las Vegas.

Police say they conducted a two-month investigation in response to complaints that the women have been going a little further than just wearing bikinis, possibly violating the local Adult Cabaret law. As police officer Aaron Snell explains, "There was an exchange of money but there wasn't any exchange of product or goods as far as coffee goes." Meanwhile, owner Bill Wheeler denies any wrongdoing and says of the police investigation, "This is kind of weird, going out of your way, doing a sting operation, spending mine and your (tax) money and everyone else's money trying to sweet talk the ladies."

Though Grab-N-Go came under similar scrutiny in 2009 when "several baristas were arrested for prostitution, Wheeler tells King5 News that he has strict policies against this kind of behavior. And last night, the Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut Facebook page had an update on the situation, claiming that only two baristas had been detained, no one was charged and the shop had no video evidence of wrongdoing, adding, "We feel this incident is a publicity stunt by the Everett PD for unjustifiable reasons." Here's the local news report:

Video: Bikini Barista Arrests

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Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut

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