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First Look: Lucky Peach Issue Six, the Apocalypse

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[Photos: Paula Forbes]

The world is ending and the new Lucky Peach is on it. The sixth issue of David Chang/Peter Meehan/McSweeney's eclectic food magazine covers the Apocalypse, from foraging to canned foods to seed saving and more. Michael Pollan is on hand to give his thoughts about end times, as is Ted Nugent, naturally. Chang gets chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto in New York City to do some taste tests of canned food, included Chef Boyardee and the canned pastas sauces sold by his bosses, Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich. (The diplomatic Ladner decides he'd probably mix the two.)

As for actual doomsday predictions, Peter Meehan weighs in on the horrible state of the world's oceans and the fishing industry that depends on them. There's before and after photography of what mold and rot will do to some world-famous dishes, including Thomas Keller's Oyster and Pearls, Goat Cheese Salad from Chez Panisse, St. John's Bone Marrow Salad and the Radishes in a Pot from Noma.

Lucky Peach EIC Chris Ying and Magnus Nilsson, in Ying's words, "strip a chicken of all its skin and flesh, meat glue pork in its place, reattach the skin and roast it." The creation is dubbed Frankenchicken. (Recipe included, naturally.) There are also recipes for "the Zombie Diner" (everything includes brains) and jellyfish ("the only seafood left"). Issue Six of Lucky Peach is officially released February 26, but you can perhaps pick one up before then. For more, check out the cover art.

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