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Watch Dominique Crenn's TEDx Talk on Machismo, Success, and Being a Female Chef

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In a brief TEDx presentation, San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn of the two-Michelin-star Atelier Crenn talks about what it's like being a woman in restaurants. She talks fondly about going into Jeremiah Tower's restaurant Stars without any experience, but also of discovering issues of ego and machismo in many of the kitchens she's passed through. Of her restaurant, she says the goal has always been to create a place that "can bring people together and inspire them. It's not going to be a place where people beat up on each other." She also talks about running an all-female kitchen in Indonesia and the idea that success is about evolution more than anything else. The video:

Video: "Defining Success: Dominique Crenn at TEDxFiDiWomen"

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