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Here's the Cover to Marilyn Hagerty's Upcoming Book on Anthony Bourdain's Imprint

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Congratulations, America, here is that Marilyn Hagerty book you've been waiting for. The Grand Forks, North Dakota journalist is publishing a collection of her reviews on Anthony Bourdain's Ecco imprint later this year, entitled Grand Forks: A History of American Dining in 100 Reviews. Hagerty stepped into the national spotlight about a year ago when her review of Grand Forks' Olive Garden went viral.

According to a blurb from the publisher, the book will contain reviews "from Red Lobster to Le Bernadin." According to Bourdain, "It's the antidote to snark. This book kills cynics dead." He describes it as "a history of American dining—in the vast spaces between the jaded palates and professional snarkologists of the privileged coasts." So what has happened in Grand Forks over the past 50 years? "Traditional regional Scandinavian giving way to big chains, first iterations of sushi, early efforts at hipster chic." Grand Forks is out August 27 (pre-order on Amazon)

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