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Hot Hot Heat: Eater's Hottest Chefs 2013, City by City

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Austin's Ted Prater
Austin's Ted Prater

One sexy day of voting on the city Eater sites has produced a list (and the above slideshow) of the 22 hottest chefs across America. Starting today, a head-to-head tournament on Eater National to win the coveted title of Eater's Hottest Chef in America. The winners, city by city:

· Atlanta: Joe Schafer (King + Duke)
· Austin: Ted Prater (Banger's)
· Boston: Karen Akunowicz (Myers+Chang)
· Charleston: Frank McMahon (Hank's Seafood Restaurant)
· Chicago: Amanda Rafalski (Little Goat)
· Dallas: Eric Dreyer (Fearing's)

· Denver: Joanna Powell (Cafe Aion)
· Houston: Joseph Zerwas (Behind the Bash Catering)
· Las Vegas: Matt Piekarski (Sugar Factory American Brasserie)
· Los Angeles: Dakota Weiss (W Los Angeles)
· Louisville: Johnny Streetman (610 Magnolia)
· Maine: Matt Chamberlain (The Crooked Mile Cafe)
· Miami: Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating House)
· Minneapolis: Bob Gerken (Travail)
· New Orleans: Matt Farmer (Apolline)
· New York: Grayson Schmitz (Willow Road)
· Philadelphia: Aaron Gottesman (Sbraga)
· Portland: Pascal Sauton (Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine)
· San Diego: Christian Graves (Jsix)
· San Francisco: Maya Erickson (AQ)
· Seattle: Jason Stoneburner (Bastille)
· Washington, DC: Tim Ma (Maple Avenue Restaurant)

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