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Patriots Tight End Racked Up $9,615 at Vegas Nightclub

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Photo: Busted Coverage

Earlier this month, sports people were amused and/or upset by the drunken shirtless on-stage partying that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski indulged in a Vegas nightclub on Super Bowl Sunday. Now, thank goodness, the football player's receipt from the night has surfaced over at Busted Coverage. Gronkowski and, presumably, friends racked up a $9,615 bar tab at XS Nightclub thanks in part to three bottles of Grey Goose at $525 a pop, various pricey champagnes, Ciroc, Red Bell, and 14 bottles of Fiji water at $11 each. The priciest booze was a magnum bottle of Perrier-Jouet brut at $1,595, while the cheapest line on the whole receipt is the $32 dropped on Crown Royal.

Of course, the $1,400 gratuity was included in the check — with another $1,211 in taxes — to bring it up to the nearly 10 grand. But, as Busted Coverage points out, this man has a six-year $54 million contract.( And some time to party in the off-season, it seems.) He's just another in the long line of sports stars to spend outrageous sums of money at restaurants and nightclubs — particularly at XS, a favorite of many a Vegas-bound whale.

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XS Nightclub

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109