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Here's What a White Castle Valentine's Dinner Looks Like

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White Castle — er, pardon, Love Castle — once again celebrated Valentine's Day this year by transforming into a sit-down restaurant with red tablecloths, printed menus, waiter service and heart-shaped decorations. The dating site How About We went inside a Love Castle in Brooklyn to fully explore the gimmick, which is definitely "the ultimate in fast food romance." As a cook explains, "We have shrimp, macaroni and cheese, chicken wings. So it's like a five-star restaurant."

Sure thing. But anyway, most of the diners seem like they're having fun. For starters, it looks like you can BYOB, as one table pops some bubbly. Another couple says that eating sliders in a fast food restaurant is more fun and unexpected than dropping lots of money on a fancy dinner. One woman whose husband appears to have dragged her in might perhaps disagree? Go watch.

Video: What's Valentine's Day Really Like at White Castle?

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