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Watch Michael Voltaggio Cameo as a Chef on Suburgatory

Sure why not: Here's Top Chef season six winner Michael Voltaggio (ink and ink.sack in Los Angeles) guest-starring as chef Julio Proust on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. In the episode, George Altman (played by Jeremy Sisto) gets stood up for an 18-course $600 Valentine's Day dinner. When thwarted by the waiter after trying to get the meal to go, George decides to sit down, get drunk, and "eat for two." The fifteenth course was a "pork belly and veal tongue hash finished with shards of micro-beak in a freshly-lambed foam." When asked who "lambed" it, Voltaggio, covered in animal blood and behind a splatter-proof screen (?) responds with his only line: "I did. I lambed it this morning."

This isn't Voltaggio's first time on the scripted TV front. Last year he played himself on the TV Land show The Exes, but this is definitely a trend: chefs getting cameos on TV shows. See Bobby Flay on Entourage, Paul Qui on Royal Pains, and Masaharu Morimoto on Hawaii Five-0. Here's video from Suburgatory:

Video: Voltaggio on Suburgatory Part 1

Video: Voltaggio on Suburgatory Part 2

Video: Voltaggio on Suburgatory Part 3

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