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College Humor Orders a $229 Salad With 200 Toppings

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Much like the Starbucks drink orderers before them, some of the guys at College Humor decided to prank their local salad shop by ordering a salad with every single topping. Though they weren't necessarily trying to break records for the most expensive salad, these guys were seeking maximum gross-out effects and boy did they achieve that. Ordering online, the guys select all the toppings (including hearts of palm, turkish figs, and sesame grilled tofu), double the toppings wherever possible and, yes, ask for all the available salad dressings.

The comes out to $229.93, which they note as a price tag so high that "this is like the salad that Tom Cruise eats." They also add on a $50 tip "because we're being jerks." So how did things go when the salad arrived? Well, watch to find out, but note that one taste-tester says that, "it was like it was chewed by someone else for me."

Video: Ordering a Salad with Every Topping Prank

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