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2013 French Michelin Stars Leaked One Week Early

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Photo: Trodel/Flickr

While last Fall it was Michelin itself that leaked some of its 2013 UK stars early, now a French news magazine is here to leak some of the 2013 Michelin Guide results for France. Le Point reports today that France will gain a brand new three-star restaurant in La Vague d'Or, a Saint-Tropez restaurant helmed by chef Arnaud Donckele. He'll join the 26 restaurants awarded three stars in the 2012 guide, if these leaks are correct. (Though worth pointing out it's unclear how the magazine obtained this information.)

Beyond that, the news magazine claims that five French restaurants will be getting a second star in the 2013 edition — though it only will reveal three of them now. These restaurants supposedly include the Restaurant William Frachot at Le Chapeau Rouge in Dijon, La Nouvelle Maison de Marc Veyrat under Yoann Conte at Veyrier-du-Lac, and Alexandre Couillon's Restaurant La Marine at Noirmoutier. The other two new two-star establishments remain a secret, per the paper, though they are located in Courcheval and Rennes so take your best guesses. However, Le Point writes, "the Michelin 2013 should not inverse the hierarchy of superchefs: Joël Robuchon and Alain Ducasse will remain at the head of the constellation of stars."

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