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Watch Padma Lakshmi's Bizarre Funny or Die Thing

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Everybody knows Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi is really good at acting — see her dramatic appearance on Star Trek Enterprise — and here's her latest role: playing herself for Funny or Die. Padma is no stranger to hawking things on HSN: her latest product is a line of affordable jewelry called "PL by Padma Lakshmi." And in this Funny or Die video, she sells a line of dresses called "Padma by Padma by Padma Lakshmi." Says Padma: "I was inspired by me, Padma Lakshmi, and what is unique to me? My scar. So right now, I'd like to go straight to the sexy new dress... It's perfect for any girl with a scar on her right arm and who wants to flaunt it. And what's more it's only $39. That's the cost of two pizzas, right?" Later, she offers to a caller who has no scars: "If you want one and I think you do, I'm gonna come all the way to Milwaukee and give you one." And then it gets creepy.

Video: Padma by Padma

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