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Jake's Wayback Unleashes 5100-Calorie, 9-Patty Burger

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Photo: Jake's Wayback/Facebook

Jake's Wayback Burgers, which has 62 locations along the eastern United States and in Oregon, is adding the Triple Triplenine-patty burger to its menu permanently on March 1. The Triple Triple consists of the nine patties, American cheese (on each patty, of course), lettuce, and tomato and goes for $12.99. Houston's KHOU reports that "the burger has 5100 calories and 117 grams of saturated fat, which is close to six buckets of KFC fried chicken." Says an anchor on the segment, "You'll get a heart attack just looking at that thing."

Burger Business reports that the addition of the burger is part of a rebranding effort from the chain that includes a new logo logo and a redesigned menu emphasizing alternatives to red meat. The chain also intends to make an expansion push in the near future. They may, however, have trouble with their goal of attracting people to their turkey, chicken, and veggie sandwiches, given the fact that the new burger consists of nine beef patties.

The Triple Triple started out as an eating contest challenge at the restaurant, but after a successful one-month trial period at two Jake's in New York, the company decided to put it on the menu.

Video: "Big 5100-Calorie Burger Coming to Texas"

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