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Olive Garden Unveils 'Modern' Uniforms, Servers Rejoice

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Olive Garden's old uniforms [Photo: Facebook]; Olive Garden's new uniforms [Photo: PRNewswire]

It's a good week for Olive Garden servers who hate ties and like to wear black. After more than 97 percent of employees complained about their uniforms, Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Olive Garden rolled out new uniforms yesterday for the first time since its founding in 1982. And what are the shocking changes? Well, servers are finally rid of the ties that "would invariably find its way onto oily, greasy surfaces." Hostesses will wear black dresses and skirts, and servers' white collared shirts are now black collared shirts. Also, As Olive Garden's executive vice president for operations Dan Kiernan explains, "We wanted a significant change, and black is obviously the opposite of white."

Of course, there are still rules with the new uniforms: shirts must remain tucked in and only the top button may remain unbuttoned. Servers must also wear green buttons that read "Hospitaliano." But in spite of those oppressive rules, Olive Garden employees are pretty damn excited about the changes. One employee tells Businessweek, "Everyone looks more dignified, classy, and clean. ... We resemble a much more upscale dining establishment." Others have taken to Twitter cheering the end of the ties, and writing things like writing, "Today was the last day for that heinous Olive Garden uniform. Thank you baby Jesus." Free at last.

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