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Watch a Day in Mission Chinese Chef Danny Bowien's Life

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Spandex connoisseur and Mission Chinese chef Danny Bowien is a very busy man and now there is a day-in-the-life video from The New Yorker to prove it. Bowien's in and out of his restaurant all day — brainstorming menu ideas with his cooks before lunch and cooking the first turn at dinner himself so that he doesn't "get rusty." Bowien reveals the fun fact that none of his cooks have ever cooked Chinese food before. He also laments, "The restaurant is so busy all the time that you can't really think ... It's hard to really be creative and focus whenever you're really super busy."

Beyond Mission Chinese, Bowien also spends time prowling New York City streets and enjoying some late-night karaoke. Bowien notes that it's "hard to feel settled" anywhere given his bouncing back and forth between New York and San Francisco. But, he says, "I thought the biggest challenge for me in the world, I think, would be to come open in New York City. We did that and it is like the craziest, scariest, most exciting thing that I've ever done. I'm the luckiest guy in the world, I think."

Video: A Day in the Life of the Mission Chinese Chef, Danny Bowien

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