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Colbert on Gatorade and the Super Bowl Wing Shortage

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert discussed two looming threats to Super Bowl parties everywhere: Gatorade's decision to remove flame retardant from its ingredients and the alleged chicken wing shortage. He calls Gatorade's removal of brominated vegetable oil an "outrage," adding that "They are messing with a classic American recipe. Gatorade without BVO is like hot dogs without pig sphincter. Or apple pie without apple sphincter." But, of course, he'll still serve it as his own Super Bowl party.

But what might be missing from the party? Chicken wings, if this alleged shortage keeps up. Colbert cites panicky news reports that the price of a pound of chicken wings may get up to $2.52. As he says, "$2.52 for a pound of food? Where are they raising these chickens? In a place with access to light?" He also takes on that $65,000 chicken wing heist, so go watch.

Video: Sport Report - Gatorade Chemicals & Chicken Wing Shortage

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