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On 30 Rock, Tom Colicchio Is a 'Bald Salad Ruiner'

Last night was the series finale of 30 Rock, and one set of jokes was about how Liz Lemon once tried to get Top Chef canceled because Tom Colicchio changed a salad at his sandwich chain 'Wichcraft. "You know Liz," says Jenna Maroney. "She can hold a grudge." Jack Donaghy explains: "She did want me to cancel Top Chef because Colicchio's lunch place changed the toppings on her favorite salad." Later, Jack tells Liz that he doesn't want to be on her grudge list. Grumbles Liz: "Which reminds me, why am I still seeing new Top Chefs with that bald salad ruiner?"

30 Rock had a long running obsession with food (and especially food TV). Notable food industry people that have guest-starred on the show include Padma Lakshmi, Rachael Ray, and Ina Garten. There was naked sushi, Times Square theme restaurants, molecular gastronomy jokes, and even a parody of Top Chef's restaurant wars.

And the second half of the finale had a whole running gag about who got to pick the final writers room lunch. While some people wanted to order from Per Se or Momofuku, much to everyone's chagrin, Lutz got to pick and he selected Blimpie. He was of course locked in a room and a proper order was made: Lunch from Nobu 57 and cupcakes from Make My Cake.

Here's the 30 Rock/Top Chef clips and the whole episode:

Video: Tom Colicchio Is a 'Bald Salad Ruiner'

Video: Hogcock!/Last Lunch

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