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Take a Look Inside America's 15 Top-Grossing Nightclubs

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, Las Vegas [<a href="">Photo</a>]
Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, Las Vegas [Photo]

If there's one thing a whale likes, it's a sleek, neon-lit nightclub with dark dancefloors, trendy DJs and maybe a pool or waterfall for good measure. For a look inside a whale's natural habitat, here now is a gallery of the 15 top-grossing nightclubs in the country as determined by Nightclub & Bar's list for 2012. (The 2013 list should be out soon.) Naturally, there's a whole lot of Las Vegas representation on this list, from the snow-white lounge at Pure to the Asian-inspired decor of TAO. But, of course, there are certainly some nightclubs to behold in New York (LAVO Nightclub), Atlantic City (The Pool After Dark), Miami Beach (Mango's Tropical Café) and beyond. Happy whale watching and, for reference, here's the list:

The Top 15 of Nightclub & Bar's 100 Highest Grossing Nightclubs

1) Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, Las Vegas, $70-80 MM
2) XS Nightclub, Las Vegas, $60-70 MM
3) TAO Nightclub, Las Vegas, $45-60 MM
4) Pure Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
5) LIV, Miami Beach, $35-45 MM
6) LAX Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
7) HAZE Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
8) Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
9) The Bank Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
10) LAVO Nightclub NYC, New York, $25-35 MM
11) The Pool After Dark, Atlantic City, $25-35 MM
12) LAVO LV, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
13) Tryst Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
14) Mango's Tropical Café, Miami Beach, $25-35 MM
15) Seacrets, Ocean City, MD, $15-25 MM

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