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Applebee's Defends Firing Server, Boycott Begins

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Receipt [Photo: <a href="">Reddit</a>]; Applebee's
Receipt [Photo: Reddit]; Applebee's
Photo: Facebook

Remember that one about the pastor who walked into an Applebee's and left an insulting note on her check, which led to a shitshow in which a server lost her job? Here's an update: this morning, Applebee's put out another statement on its corporate Facebook page about the incident. It explains their side of the story, including why the St. Louis franchisee fired Chelsea Welch for posting to Reddit the now-infamous "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" note that pastor Alois Bell had left for one of Welch's colleagues. Even though Welch claimed yesterday that posting guest receipts was not explicitly banned in the company hand book, Applebee's writes:

"When she was hired, the team member was provided the franchisee's employee hand book which includes their social media policy and states: "Employees must honor the privacy rights of APPLEBEE's and its employees by seeking permission before writing about or displaying internal APPLEBEE'S happenings that might be considered to be a breach of privacy and confidentiality. This shall include, but not be limited to, posting of photographs, video, or audio of APPLEBEE'S employees or its customers, suppliers, agents or competitors, without first obtaining written approval from the Vice President of Operations. The policy goes on to specify: Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment."

So, okay, still doesn't specifically refer to whether or not it's permissible to post guest receipts, but under the wider umbrella of guest privacy, sure. That said, some of Welch's defenders are claiming that the very same Applebee's location that fired Welch had also once posted a receipt full of praise for the chain — but removed it right around the time when this shit hit the fan. This Facebook screencap was posted to Reddit as well, under the caption, "Applebees hypocrisy. A receipt with a signature that THEY posted online!"

[Photo: Reddit]

Either way, a lot of folks on the Internet are still not happy that Applebee's dumped Welch. The Daily Dot reports that there's something of an Applebee's boycott brewing over on Facebook, with more than 19,000 comments posted in response to the statement Applebee's issued yesterday — most of them telling the chain that they never planned to eat there again. And while there are apparently many Boycott Applebee's groups on Facebook, there are a few specifically for people who are angry about this latest incident, with more than 1,000 likes among them. There's also a group calling for Bell, the pastor, to be fired as well. And someone else posted to Reddit another Applebee's receipt in support of servers everywhere that reads, "I give God 0% so you get 28%."

[Photo: Reddit]

But it doesn't seem like Applebee's is going to turn back now, and so the people of Reddit's Atheism forum are finding new ways to band together around one of their own. Yes, there is an entire thread now devoted to helping Welch find a new job. Apparently her new options include waitressing at a "fancy Mexican place" in Austin, waitressing at Olive Garden or moving to Europe. Good luck with all that, Chelsea.

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