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KFC Japan Unveils a New Double Down-Inspired Monster: Kentucky Chicken Rice

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The novelty sandwich strikes again next week as KFC Japan rolls out its new Kentucky Rice Chicken, a sandwich that builds upon the glories of the Double Down by adding a ketchup-y patty of rice in between the chicken filet patties. But, as Inventor Spot points out, this new sandwich is ultimately inferior in one important way: there is no bacon on it. There's also only one slice of cheese on the Kentucky Rice Chicken, which will only come fried not grilled. Also, less mayonnaise.

Anyway, the sandwich goes on sale on February 7 for a limited time in Japan for 450 yen ($4.95). And apparently it does beat the Double Down in terms of how fat it will make you. According to Inventor Spot, it "tips the scales at 256 grams and 585 calories," whereas the Japanese version of the Double Down (released last year) hit 540 calories.

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