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Let's Take a Tour of the World's Only Vegan Strip Club (In Portland, Surprise)

Alongside the very fine Portlandia, IFC is running a series of webisodes with comedian Kumail Nanjiani called "Kumail Tours Portland." In the latest video he visits Casa Diablo, supposedly the world's first and only vegan strip club. (While the food is vegan, the strippers are sometimes not, you have to ask.)

Asks Kumail before heading in: "You know how sometimes you're like, oh I want to see naked women today, and I want to get vegan food, and I don't have time to make two stops?" He interviews owner Johnny Diablo, gets a tour of the club, and visits the kitchen that sort of doubles as a dressing room? He also gets a very important lesson from Moxie, one of the dancers, in how to eat vegan nachos in a sexy way.

The video is sort of safe for work, but it is in a strip club, so mileage may vary:

Video: Kumail tours Portlandia's vegan strip club (for work, really)

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Casa Diablo

2839 NW St Helens Rd, Portland, OR 97210