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TipsForJesus Hits NYC and Tips Thousands

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Photos: TipsForJesus / Instagram

Restaurant world Santa Claus/Internet thing/mysterious fount of generous gratuity TipsForJesus is taking Manhattan, leaving massive tips at the NoMad ($7,000) and Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room ($1,000) over the weekend. This is in addition to the $3,500 tip s/he left at the Smith late last week.

The identity of TipsForJesus is unknown, although it does seem like there is more than one tipper. (TipsForJesus: the offer for an anonymous email interview still stands, hit us up.) While one TipsForJesus ambassador was tipping the Front of House staff at the Smith, another was being very generous in Mexico. So far, over $80,000 has been given away, and now all servers and bartenders across the country want for Christmas is a visit from TipsForJesus.

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The NoMad

1170 Broadway New York, NY 10001

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