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Judy Rodgers, Eataly Chicago, TipsForJesus, and More

In case you missed them, here are the top stories from the week in Eater:


Recapping the week in Eater: San Francisco chef and cookbook author Judy Rodgers died on Monday at the age of 57 to an enormous outpouring of sentiment from chefs and food world luminaries. In addition to Rodgers' acclaim as the Beard-winning chef of Zuni Cafe, she is also responsible for one of the most loved cookbooks of recent memory, 2002's Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

On Tuesday Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich swung the doors open at their insanely anticipated Eataly Chicago, the 63,000-square-foot Italian emporium with its very own Nutella bar. A mysterious tipper has been leaving thousands of dollars for servers, bartenders, and golf caddies across the country with little clue to his/her/their identity other than the handle @TipsForJesus scrawled in pen on the receipts. This past week they hit up Phoenix and then they hit NYC and Mexico on the same night. And chef Ferran Adrià gave a lecture at Harvard University's Science & Cooking series. He talked about the evolution of culinary theory and asked questions like "What is fruit?"

Don't miss interviews with Colby and Megan Garrelts on the first year at Rye, their casual Kansas City restaurant, and Kim Alter, chef at Plum in San Francisco. On the cookbook front, there was a look at Japanese Soul Cooking and Eat Ink. Also see Eater Heatmaps to Madison, Wisconsin and Rome. Also, Michelin announced the 2014 stars for Tokyo and Hong Kong. Here now the top stories from the week in Eater:


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