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McDonald's Accidentally Gives Bag of Cash at Drive-Thru

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Photos: NewsChannel 5 / dave_mcmt/Flickr

A Hermitage, TN couple left a McDonald's drive-thru with a bag containing thousands of dollars instead of the breakfast they had ordered. According to Nashville's NewsChannel 5, an employee working at the drive-thru unknowingly gave them the bag of money that was supposed to be deposited at the bank, mistaking it for a completed drive-thru order.

The employee apparently caught up with the couple at their nearby home and, in the video below, the couple explains how they didn't think twice about returning the money because "it was the right thing to do." The McDonald's owner released a statement expressing his gratitude to the couple for returning the money, and also says he will be "looking in to why this mistake happened." An easy fix might be not putting the bank drop in a paper to-go bag near the drive-thru window? Go, watch the video:

Video: Hermitage Couple Cashes In At McDonald's Drive Thru

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