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Watch Gordon Ramsay Battle the Swedish Chef

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Here's a "Muppisode" featuring shouty chef Gordon Ramsay battling the Muppets' own Swedish Chef for food truck supremacy. The premise: The Swedish Chef has stolen Ramsay's space at food truck fair that finds the Muppets waiting in excruciatingly long lines for things like cupcakes that are "sea salt-infused with a beet juice emulsion." When Ramsay arrives and sees the Swedish Chef has stolen his spot, the disagreement can only be settled by a "Food Truck Fight" (which remarkably has not yet been used as a reality competition show title). Does Gordon Ramsay yell and fire people? You bet. Go, watch:

Video: Food Fight - Muppisode

UPDATE 12/9: Here's the extended cut with an alternate ending:

Video: Check out this AWESOME "Muppisode"

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