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Thieves Steal $648K Worth of Wine from Seattle Shop

A onetime customer of a high-end Seattle wine shop/storage facility was busted after allegedly stealing $648,000 worth of wine from other members' wine lockers. Police told local news station KOMO that suspect Samuel Harris and an accomplice broke into Esquin Wine Merchants and, over the course of 13 hours and "nine trips in an SUV," carried out more than 200 cases of wine from Esquin's storage facility. Harris then allegedly cut the building's gas lines and attempted to start a fire to cover up the crime.

Harris's meticulous planning of the theft may have given him away, however: Per KOMO, a security camera captured the crime, and Esquin's owner "recognized one of the men as a renter of one of the shop's many temperature-controlled storage lockers... the suspect signed a rental agreement on October 10th and provided an address in Seattle." When police showed up to the address, Harris was allegedly trying to sell some of the wine to a SF buyer for $100,000. He's currently being held on $500,000 bail; the other suspect is still at large. The news report, below:

Video: Police: Ex-customers steal $650,000 of wine from SoDo shop

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Esquin Wine Merchants

2700 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134