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Michelin Announces 2014 Stars for Tokyo

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The 2014 Michelin Guide to Tokyo has been announced. Along with stars, the guide — which also covers Yokohama and Shonan — also has Tokyo's first-ever list of Bib Gourmands. There are 14 three-star restaurants this year, down from last year's 15. Shonan has one three-star restaurant, Koan, while Tokyo has 13 three-star restaurants including Azabu Yukimura and Sushi Saito. By way of comparison, Spain has eight three-stars, Great Britain has four, New York City has seven, Germany has 11, and San Francisco has two. The 2014 stars for France have not been announced yet, but Paris currently has 10 three-stars.

There are six new two-star restaurants this year, with three Tokyo restaurants debuting on the list at two-stars: Dominique Bouchet, Goryukubo and Yunke. There are also three restaurants that have earned their second star: Uchitsu and Sant Pau in Tokyo and Taku-tei in Shonan. There are also 15 new one-star restaurants, 14 of which are in Tokyo.

All in all, this bring's the region's totals to 14 three-stars, 59 two-stars, a whopping 208 one-stars, and 157 Bib Gourmands, all of which are French or Italian. Michelin also recently announced stars for Western Japan, which covers Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, and Nara. That region also has 14 three-stars, plus 51 two-stars and 202 one-stars. Check out the list of winners and the press release below:

Press Release : 2014 Michelin Guide to Tokyo

2014 Michelin Stars for Tokyo

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