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TipsForJesus Strikes Again in Mexico & Drops a $771 Tip

Photos: tipsforjesus/Instagram

The TipsForJesus megatipping saints struck again yesterday in Mexico. This time, the anonymous do-gooders added 10,000 Mexican pesos ($771 USD) to their 1984 MXP ($153) tab, at Tentaciones International Gourmet Restaurant in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Unlike the last Mexican TipsForJesus appearance in Cabo San Lucas, the anonymous diner, or diners, did not mark the receipt with a red TipsForJesus and thumbs up stamp, further perpetuating speculation that multiple tipping parties are involved. This ample generosity comes just days before Project Christmas Eve, when TipsForJesus hopes to elicit a nationwide tipping binge, justifying the holiday shifts of hopeful servers everywhere.

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Devon Walsh

Tentaciones International Gourmet Restaurant

Carretera Escenica a Playa La Ropa, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, GR, Mexico