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Nigella Lawson's Ex-Assistants Found Not Guilty of Fraud

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Photo: Shutterstock, Charles Saatchi

After an extremely ugly trial, British TV personality and cookbook author Nigella Lawson's two former assistants were found not guilty of fraud. The Associated Press reports that today the jury found the two assistants/Italian sisters not guilty of charges that included spending over one million dollars on company credit cards to buy themselves clothes, fancy hotel rooms, and the like.

The trial made for plenty of unpleasant headlines for the judge of The Taste. During the course of the trial, Lawson admitted to having used cocaine about seven times, while her ex-husband art dealer Charles Saatchi claimed she and her daughter were "off [their] heads on drugs." Lawson said, "I did not have a drug problem, I had a life problem."

The Guardian points out that the trial also made further spectacle of Lawson and Saatchi's divorce, which went through in July following a paparazzi-photographed encounter in which Saatchi admittedly choked Lawson at a restaurant. Apparently the defense attorney told the jury before their deliberations: "This is a case with no winners." Lawson will be a part of The Taste's second season, premiering on January 7. The Taste UK has not yet announced a premiere date.

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