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Watch How Muscles React to Different Tastes & Textures

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Chef Carles Tejedor (best known for his experimental laboratory Oilab) dedicated his 2013 Harvard Science and Lecture talk earlier this fall to "Viscosity & Polymers," and here now, an artful video showing the physiological responses that occur while eating different tastes and textures.

The experiment starts with Tejedor's signature olive oil gummy, then moves into a gummy described as "acidic," resulting in the taster's secretion of tears and muscle contraction in the eyes (due to "frowning, understanding the flavors, and saving information"). Watch as the "rubbery" taste elicits sweat; whatever's in "liquid" concludes with its taster — Tejedor himself — in tears. Go, watch:

Video: Oilmotion in Harvard Science and Cooking

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