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Fired Chef Gets Revenge and Hijacks Restaurant's Twitter

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What's a chef to do when they get fired right before Christmas? Well, if that chef happens to work at The Plough in Oxfordshire, England he hijacks the restaurant's twitter account and tells the world how much it sucks. Based on the story he told on The Plough's Twitter account (yes, for some reason the tweets are still live as of publishing), the head chef was apparently fired on Sunday for requesting a weekend off in December and also for refusing to work on Christmas Day. He writes: "Unfortunately he wanted to have a weekend off this month and Christmas Day this year for family commitments so we thought we'd sack him." To make matters worse for the restaurant's PR, the tweets also explain that the chef has a 7 and a half month old daughter. As a final dig, the fired chef slams the meat the restaurant sources, writing "So anyway come on down and continue to pay a premium for Australian sirloins, New Zealand lamb and everything else that is bought from asda." (Asda is a British supermarket chain).

According to the Independent, the "rogue" tweeter seems to be chef Jim Knight, who currently describes himself in his Twitter bio as the "Head Chef who was unfairly sacked from @ploughpub a week before christmas." Knight also refers to the incident in his own tweets, and clarifies that he did not in fact "hack" the Twitter account because "I created the account with permission of my ex-employers." If this is the case, it could explain why the tweets have not been deleted yet. Maybe the management let the chef create a Twitter account for the restaurant that they have no access to? Apparently the chef has already gotten a job offer because of the Twitter stunt.

The news hasn't been all bad for The Plough. According to their website's visitor counter, there have been 6,994 visitors in the past 30 days with 6,347 of them visiting the site in the last 24 hours. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time a restaurant has booted an employee for not wanting to work a major holiday. One Pizza Hut manager was fired in November for refusing to make his staff work on Thanksgiving Day, but he was ultimately offered his job back. Below, the tweets in all their glory:

Tweets from @ploughpub:

[Screengrab: @ploughpub]

[Screengrab: @ploughpub]

Tweets from @chefjimknight:

[Screengrab: @chefjimknight]

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The Plough

Rectory Rd, Oxford OX44 7JQ, United Kingdom

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