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TipsForJesus Tips Servers $5,000 Each in CT and Mexico

Photo: TipsForJesus / Instagram

Everyone's favorite deep-pocketed restaurant fairy godparents struck again over the weekend, in the fairly disparate locales of Fairfield, Connecticut and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Both the server at the Seagrape in Fairfield and a server at La Palapa the GUS were tipped $5,000. Bonus: the Mexico TipsForJesus tipper busted out a new, "aggressive" red stamp with a big old thumbs up icon on it. (Incidentally, the introduction of the red stamp was one of the ways the TipsForJesus folks proved their identity before a recent interview with Eater.) Below, photos of both receipts and one of the servers; the other server requested their photo be taken down.

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