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Peter O'Toole, Actor and Voice of Anton Ego, Dies at 81

Photo: Pixar

Legendary actor Peter O'Toole died over the weekend at the age of 81. Among his many roles — including the lead in Lawrence of Arabia — O'Toole voiced perhaps the most famous fictional restaurant critic in the history of cinema, Anton Ego from Pixar's Ratatouille. Ego's visage has become shorthand for depicting anonymous restaurant critics in Twitter photos and elsewhere. New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni had issues with Ego's methodology at the time of the film's release, noting Ego "eat[s] alone and seemingly produce[s] reviews that reflect that isolated experience. With real-life critics, of course, that's the exception." Nevertheless, Ego's Proustian moment with the film's titular ratatouille dish will go down as perhaps one of the best food scenes in history.

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