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Reno Starbucks Drive Thru 'Pays It Forward' for 73 Orders

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Photo: Google Maps

A Starbucks in Reno, Nevada had a chain of people paying for each others' coffee that went on for a whopping 73 cars. Starbucks gossip blog Starbucks Melody says a reader alerted them to the pay it forward scheme, which occurred at the coffee shop's drive thru window. (Head over for a photo of a barista holding up a piece of paper with tallies on it to mark the cars in the chain.) This is a thing people do at Starbucks: they pay for each others' coffees, although not usually for 73 orders in a row. It's a nice thing, not TipsForJesus nice, but still plenty nice. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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290 Lemmon Dr, Reno, NV 89506

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