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Restaurant Will Use Pneumatic Tubes to Deliver Hamburgers to Tables at 87 MPH

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Here's a video from a cafe in New Zealand that is currently installing a pneumatic air tube system in the dining room for the noble goal of delivering sliders to customers at over 85 miles per hour. C1 Espresso is planning to roll out six tables with tube-deliver capabilities in January with a full roll-out expected the following year. In the video, the cafe owner says it's an idea that's been in the works a long time; the restaurant already has a pneumatic order delivery system, sending paper tickets from the cafe to the kitchen, so the burger delivery system isn't too much of a stretch. Each stainless steel canister will be filled with three sliders and a small order of french fries. An initial test on Wednesday went well, but for safety reasons it is critical that the system be fully tested before customers use it. Go, watch:

Video: Mini-burgers to your table at 140kmh

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C1 Espresso

185 High St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8142, New Zealand

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